Bridal Bouquet

Each country has  its own wedding traditions- it is also applicable for the Bridal Bouquet. Some say that it has to be a gift given to the bride by the groom, others that the bride must throw the bouquet amongst single women so whoever catches it will be the next one to get married. The new trend is to take it home as a memento of their wedding day. Enough tossing!

But the true origin of the wedding bouquet dates back to centuries ago when the bride carried twigs and some herbs to scare off evil spirits. Basically, the evil eye. So if you believe in this tradition, add a few sage leaves to your bridal bouquet!

Choosing a wedding bouquet is not just about picking your favourite flowers. It’s about matching it to your wedding dress, your style and even about complementing your figure!

First, the wedding dress style. An elaborate dress will call for a more simple and subdued wedding bouquet. In contrast, a simple dress can be perfected with a traditional bridal bouquet or with a single flower to highlight the bride’s minimalistic style.

Second, the shape of the skirt can help. For puffed up skirts like ball gown or princess-cut dresses, lengthened bouquets will look best. If your skirt is straight, choose a bouquet that is more rounded in shape.

Your bridal bouquet is, after all, an accessory. And as such, it must match your style. Which one will it be? An overflowing, colourful semi-circular arrangement bursting with flowers? Or a simple and traditional white flower long stemmed posy bouquet?

If you are looking for something more deluxe, a bridal bouquet with ornaments, “jewel style” is very charming. These beautiful arrangements made with pins, pearls and even strass .

For the boho or ecologically-minded bride, a gorgeous and budget-friendly wild flower bouquet is on fleek. Another option is a single flower that is considerable in size, like a sunflower or a King Protea.

A lavender bouquet is ideal for bohemian chic brides. And for those who are planning on wearing a simple boho dress, consider a bouquet with strong and distinct colours to highlight your look on the way to your “I do”.

Vintage or urban brides can choose a splendid composite-bouquet with pastel toned roses and peonies or a romantic ballerina bouquet would be so romantic.

If you are looking for a simple and eerie feel that will be financially accessible, a baby’s breath arrangement will hit the spot and will be light and easy to carry. A bouquet of red roses is perfect for the passionate romantic bride.

We can also create buttonholes accordingly for the groom. Traditionally it is the men who wear buttonholes on the left lapel of their suits. The mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom often wear a similar floral decoration called a corsage, either pinned to the right side of their outfit or tied with a ribbon around their wrist.

In Mauritius, we use a lot of roses and gypsophila as they are easier to find. However at Hera Wedding Planner, we offer a wide variety of flowers at very affording prices- flowers which are not only grown on Mauritian soil.

A large pink peony worn in a man’s buttonhole is a strong declaration of romance. Peonies are large blooms that are often worn to co-ordinate with the bridal bouquets and table centerpieces. They stand out against the suit and give a very romantic look.

Using berries in your buttonhole is ideal for a rustic or country style wedding and is ideal for a more informal look. This one is pinned to the shirt with the stems tied with ribbon for a finished look.

A formal wedding with a black tie dress code will look perfect with a classic white rose to complete the neutral style.

The stems are tied with silver thread for a metallic disparity that gives a more masculine look to the usual satin ribbon. Greenery and embellishments, such as satin ribbon or pearl beading on wire, can give a unique twist to a traditional floral buttonhole. Alternatively, faux flowers, buttons, feathers, charms or fabric can be used in place of traditional organic flowers. For men who either dislike flowers or are actually allergic to their pollen, aromatic herbs such as rosemary can be used instead .

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