Let the rhythm of your love story be set to the perfect beats at your wedding celebration!

Our music services include a dynamic trio, a lively strolling band, and a full band to ensure your guests are on their feet, dancing the night away. Experience the vibrant energy of live shows featuring Sega and Cultural performances, or let our professional DJ keep the party alive.

But the entertainment doesn't stop there – add an extra dash of joy with our photo booth! Your guests will have a blast posing with fun props, creating memories that will last a lifetime. While you're busy, they'll be entertained, and the photos? Well, they're not just for framing; they're a delightful journey through the laughter and joy of your special day. And for that extra sparkle, indulge in our instant photo machine, cold sparkles, and fireworks – because your wedding deserves to shine as brightly as your love!