Wedding themes

Wedding themes are becoming more and more popular, many couples want to choose a theme so that all the elements – dresses- costumes, décor, flowers- all colours and textures are coordinated.


Rustic wedding has been quite a thing the last past years, but it must pointed out that it’s a timeless wedding theme that has been around for, well, ages. Rustic weddings have a strong country and garden natural textures.

We are now seeing couples play with this theme and add a secondary theme to the mix to give their rustic wedding a bit of a unique feel. This is where rustic luxe, rustic vintage, and rustic boho weddings come into play.

The décor tends to incorporate lots of natural elements including wood, burlap, wild flowers. You don’t need to have all of these elements to have a rustic wedding, for example, you could be getting married in a hotel ballroom but using rustic decor and wild flowers. It’s more about the overall vibe than the individual details.


Rustic weddings are often confused with vintage weddings, but they are actually quite different. While the rustic theme focuses more on the natural elements and the great outdoors, a vintage wedding draws its inspiration from times gone by. Vintage weddings often have an antique Victorian flavour to them.

Where rustic weddings feature mason jars full of wild flowers and burlap table runners, vintage weddings are more likely to have vintage vases, antique crockery and lace tablecloths. The only thing the two themes have in common is that they are about simplicity, nature, and character…

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style is a very soft and very romantic theme. The colours that will be used are natural and warm- soft pink, white and very light colours. There are wooden and organic texture accessories that make it quite feminine like heart shaped pieces, laces and modern antique candle holders and chandeliers. We use big roses with soft pastel colours and cans for example. It makes it more modern-day and definitely more sophisticated than the rustic theme.



Bohemian weddings are still a bit hit and growing in popularity as boho elements are incorporated into more weddings and styles.

One particular style we’ve seen rise in popularity over the last year is the boho chic look. Basically it is inspired from nature and hippie culture- peace and love style and flower power. The big part of the bohemian style is the big colourful flowers and obligatory macramé accessories and dreamcatcher.


Tropical theme states that summer is here! Your wedding does not need to necessarily be on the beach. Indulging in the tropical greenery of our Island, the bright colours are essential for an exotic theme. Big banana and palm leaves with colourful flowers and pineapples and coconuts centrepieces.  Enjoy the hot colours and atmosphere of an island holiday.

Contemporary and glamorous

Also known as luxe weddings, contemporary and glamorous themes are being used more as the primary focus of a wedding. Couples who really want to add that wow factor and give their guests something to remember are focusing on those glam elements and aesthetics.

Large floral installations are big when it comes to what is considered modern at the moment, and these are being paired with those big moments such as pyrotechnics on the dancefloor.

 When it comes to planning a luxury wedding, we understand the look you’re going for. We understand you want flowers covering everything, beautiful champagne towers, a cake that’s bigger than the table it sits on, and the perfect wedding venue to complete the look.  As accessories we use diamonds on the tables, crystal curtains, pearls on your guests tables, big hanging chandeliers, all these accessories are chosen to design a wedding with the maximum elegance and look of luxury possible.