Garden and Outdoor Venues

Garden and Outdoor Venues

Garden Weddings are stunning, they travel through time but the setting and ambiance always provide a romantic sense. With a beautiful outdoor venue, you do not need to invest a lot in the decoration – you may use floral arrangements and fairy lights as a major part of the décor. You can have spot lights underneath the trees but the scenery itself is the perfect backdrop for a shabby-chic, rustic or simple greenery Wedding. You should nevertheless always have your Plan B ready in case the weather is not good. Having a marquee at hand can be a definite event saver.

Les Palétuviers

In the North of Mauritius, next to Cap Malheureux, the beach of Anse la Raie is surely one of the best spots for kite surfing. The beautiful cove offering a wonderful setting is ideal for nature lovers. But away from the beach, is a unique and much more intimate place. Hidden in a lush mangrove, Les Palétuviers enjoys an enchanting setting thanks to its unique location, halfway between a turquoise lagoon and an endemic forest.


Le Cerf D’Or

Situated in the heart of Saint Felix, neighbouring the sugarcane fields the majestic restaurant Au Cerf d’Or is a unique place to host all your receptions. The entrance towards the restaurant offers a view on the mountains and beautiful scenery on the blue beaches of the South of Mauritius. The site is picturesque. The building is made of volcanic rocks and thatched roof and inside a wonderful combination of decorations. Plant fragrance from the surroundings gives a sense of relaxation. The site blends perfectly with its environment. Stags and ducks come to refresh themselves in the lake in front.

Domaine de Etoile

The biggest natural and private reserve in Mauritius, rich in a fauna and a protected wild flora. Le Domaine de l’Etoile extends over 1 200 hectares and is situated in the East part of the Island, between the village of Montagne Blanche and Kewal Nagar Belle Rive. Native forests, lush valleys, dense vegetation… upon your arrival you will be seduced by the beauty of the place!

It can accommodate 80 guests for a seated dinner and 150 guests

Domaine de Lagrave

Discover Mauritius wild… At safe from the onslaught of modernism, in an exceptional site, Domaine de Lagrave makes you go back in time and discover a hidden side of Mauritius. The Village Banane, in the Midlands region, behind fields of sugar cane, an exceptional panorama is offered to the gaze. Rivers, waterfalls, deer, monkeys, wild boars and birds hide themselves in a virtually virgin forest.

Domaine Lagrave can be the prefect venue for your wedding. The lodges and cottages also welcomes you.

Domaine Les Pailles

It is one of the first and oldest domains in Mauritius. The 1500 hectares big ground of field is located in the center of Mauritius in between Reduit and Port Louis. It is a faithful reconstruction of the life and habitat of the french settlers, at the time when the country was still called the Isle of France. The décor is pleasant, refined, and authentic…



La Demeure Saint Antoine

This mansion belongs to the same Mauritian family since 1830. With its many rooms in a row and its colonnaded veranda all around the House, it is unique in its proportions and a rare example of colonial style . With its ancient trees and its lush Banyan, where generations of children have played Tarzan, this garden is an ideal place for walking, enjoying the sweet life of the place and taste of Mauritian nonchalance. What could be more romantic than getting married here in this magnificent garden, where nature’s beauty and colonial architecture complement each other so well! Your guests, sitting under the banyan living this memorable event. After the ceremony, continue the evening over dinner in front of the House, it also offers rooms for you to stay.

Royal Gardens

Located in Rose Hill, a big Crystal Marquee is surrounded by a luxurious garden. Royal Gardens can be thoroughly enjoyed both day and night.



L’Aventure du Sucre

The setting for this gem of a museum is an old factory, itself evoking bygone days and a symbol of all that sugar represents. It lies within the beautiful Beau Plan Sugar Estate, located close to the famous Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens. Pamplemousses is one of the oldest villages in the island, where Governor La Bourdonnais built his mansion and where Pierre Poivre began the Gardens, close to the beautiful church where Bernardin de Saint-Pierre chose to lay to rest Paul and Virginie.