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Bride and Groom

Bride & Groom


The Bride and the Groom are the most important Couple on this special day.
We have the trendiest ideas and styles to make both of you look flawless.
We can also provide you the best addresses when it comes to your Wedding Rings and other accessories.

Groom’s Package

You all want to be the most handsome and elegant man on this day especially because your soon-to-be wife will be the most gorgeous woman and you will be the luckiest person walking by her side.
We offer a Groom Package, which consists of the best designers` addresses in Mauritius to guide you in your choices for the suits, tuxedos, shoes, ties and other accessories, besides, it also includes the grooming on the Wedding day.
It`s traditional for the Groom to wear a Buttonhole, we also provide lovely buttonholes to match your Fiancée’s bouquet.

Bride’s package

Every bride’s big question is the wedding dress. The fabric, the length, the style, the trend… The dress is the main concern not only for you but also for your guests; you do neither want to be forgettable nor your dress.
We work with the best wedding designer for you to get a unique and personalized dress that will match your body, same for your shoes, and jewelry. We will also go through the hairstyle and make up to match your beautiful wedding gown.
We also have a Wedding Day package consisting of the Bride’s preparation where you can just sit and relax before the ceremony while being pampered from head to toe at a Spa. The Bride is often joined by her bridesmaids and family.

Bridesmaid & Best Man

When choosing Bridesmaids and Best men, it usually means they are special to the Couple but they also have a role in the Wedding, whether one of them brings the Wedding rings or is assigned another specific task, you want them to look stunning on this occasion.
We can help you design the most fashionable outfits; choose from the best buttonholes, bouquets and other chic accessories.
We are very blessed to be working with an international designer who does such elegant and unique outfits for children, your flower girls and ring bearer will be real cuties.